Hyde Housing data architecture project

A successful project spanning over two years has yielded excellent feedback from Hyde Housing.

Our workplace and data specialist, Chris Lees, was initially contracted to work on data schemas to support Hyde’s integration platform, but when Hyde saw the value that the Data Clan team could add, they extended our scope to deliver an enterprise data model. Chris enlisted one of our data technicians, Raphael McGee, to assist with the work, and utilized administrative support from our Clan Quartermaster, Gemma Wardle.

Willem Otto, Hyde’s Head of Digital Products, said, “The Data Clan team has a great wealth of specialist knowledge of our sector and as a result they’ve become a critical friend and partner as we continue to transform our business operations. This partnership has added great value to our approach to date, helped us to evaluate our systems and improve both our business processes and technology platforms.”

Chris Lees added, “I’ve enjoyed working closely with stakeholders from every part of Hyde. I am a firm believer that getting to know the people making the decisions is the best way to align the work with the organization’s goals.”

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