In God we trust. Everyone else: bring data.


Never before has evidence been more important when making decisions. The pace of change means it is less and less common to have solved a new problem before, and this limits the value of experience.

Presenting evidence, without bias or unintentional miscommunication, is a skill in itself. But even before that, having robust processes for collecting the right data, monitoring its quality, correcting errors, and performing analyses and modelling are foundations on which the evidence is built.

Our diagnostic framework makes it easy for you to work with us to assess the challenges that may be hindering your data endeavours. Together, we will then use our comprehensive data management ‘route finder’ to put together a roadmap and start the journey.

Reviewing or co-creating your data strategy and understanding what is stopping your strategy and policy becoming practice is at the heart of what we do.

Data Management Diagnostic

Assess where you are on the journey, and which data management fundamentals are holding you back.

Road Map Development

Cutting through the volume of work to establish a deliverable programme.

Literacy and Analytical Capability

Building grass-roots data competency, and developing internal expertise in the full analytical and evidencing process.