For over two decades, we have seen a steady evolution of the workplace from traditional to hybrid and fully remote models. More recently, the sharp rise in virtual technologies, compounded by the impact of the global pandemic, has accelerated this process, creating an urgent imperative to rethink how we work.

This raises an important question about the metrics used to quantify the success and efficacy of these operating models, both in a traditional workplace setting and in the context of emerging hybrid and flexible working models.

In order to better understand and define the relevant metrics to optimize new models for working, Data Clan is teaming up with its partners from across a range of sectors to conduct a pioneering piece of international research. The project is kicking off in June, and we want you to help us drive the solutions.

Whether you are moving to reclaim the old normal, reimagining total remote working models, or somewhere in between, this is for you! If you’d like to get involved, contact now to find out more. Click here to view/download the full brief.