Coaching… but not as you know it.

At Data Clan, we bring experience and cutting-edge ideas and techniques from organizational psychology research and practice and business literature to create an innovative approach to organizational and change strategy. We believe that people are a critical asset for any organization so need to play a central role in decision-making. This will ensure any change strategy and narrative is authentic, engaging, and, most importantly, people-centric, bringing commercial value and long-term positive impact to your bottom line.

At the heart of our approach to the way we work within our team and with our clients is the ‘Connect to Create to Collaborate’ journey: we build trust-based relationships (Connect), which enhance innovation and the ability to co-create bespoke solutions (Create), ensuring different perspectives are included and everyone works together towards a shared goal/objective (Collaboration).

Our work spans both private and public sector organizations, a broad range of industries, and all levels in an organization, including the board, C-Suite, senior leaders and managers.

We can help you with:

  • Implementing culture change / transformation
  • Individual profiling: using a combination of psychometric tests and/or behavioural event interviews to build awareness of individual leadership approach, strengths and development areas, and how to leverage strengths in an increasingly complex, fast-paced business landscape
  • Team profiling for teams at all levels: creating a team profile identifying key strengths and capability gaps, building effective team processes and trust-based relationships to enhance team creativity, collaboration and performance
  • Developing bespoke competency and leadership development frameworks to ensure future organizational success
  • Designing and implementing 360-degree feedback questionnaire and reports for development
  • Supporting leaders in the post-Covid context: what changes have you made in your organization and what do your leaders need to do differently to adapt to this new landscape?
  • Building connection and collaboration strategies and processes
  • Designing and implementing employee engagement and pulse surveys
  • Building a narrative around HR analytics: what data do your leaders need to help their decision-making?
  • Leadership coaching: individuals and teams
  • Supporting leaders to link workspace and people strategies: what are you using your office for and how do you ensure that fits with employee needs (i.e. – teamwork, collaboration, connection)?
  • Supporting leaders to place a strategic focus on employee well-being: how and what do you need to do?