The challenge

  • You need to meet new business needs but the applications aren’t keeping pace, and more and more work is being done off-system in tools like Excel
  • The existing applications are expensive to customize or have become complex over time
  • You are finding your software vendors slow to respond to change requests
  • Data quality is impacting your ability to succeed

The solution

Cyferd, the agile digital transformation platform, empowers businesses of all sizes to build secure, scalable cloud applications with ease. Users can leverage drag-and-drop tools and AI automation to streamline the development process, seamlessly connecting favourite business tools, creating a unified view of operations and eliminating data silos. Cyferd helps boost efficiency by embedding AI into workflows – automating repetitive tasks.

The platform can be used in three primary patterns:

  • Meet the current business needs with rapidly built Cyferd apps that smoothly integrate with the existing applications, avoiding the time and cost of trying to get these capabilities built into existing systems.
  • Take a long-term view to migrate the existing capabilities from the existing applications onto Cyferd over time, progressively removing the challenges of the legacy systems and reaping the benefits of agile, data-first and AI-enabled apps.
  • Bite-the-bullet, and replace core systems faster and cheaper than has been possible before.

The Data Clan team has been working with Cyferd in the development of this innovative platform and have certified experts who can help clients leverage its remarkable capabilities. Having built Data Clan’s own operational applications using Cyferd, our experts are the most proficient users and implementers outside of Cyferd’s own development team, meaning we’re perfectly placed to help you get the most out of the tooling.

The outcome

Put simply, you can save time, save money and be better!

  • Reimagine your workflows to exploit AI augmented processes with the machine working alongside the people to achieve better outcomes faster.
  • Simplified and transformed systems that become an agile enabler, keeping pace with evolving needs or unexpected situations.
  • Cost effective and scalable platform that can grow (or scale-back) with you, at a cost you can easily afford.
  • Seamlessly integrate with other applications – free yourself from being chained to just one solution, or from trying to manage complex and unreliable integrations.

Find out more

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