You can’t do new things the old way.

We understand your business.

We understand how public sector services and businesses work, the external demands they face and how their internal dynamics operate.

We support their social purpose, helping them to build new capabilities, work collaboratively, and be more impactful for their customers and communities.

Our role supporting and facilitating innovation and change, as well as acting as a critical friend, positions us uniquely to support your business needs.

We have developed our perspective by working with public and private sector organizations, supporting them through different stages of the change process.

The service combines our knowledge of multiple sectors with specialist external partners to create tailored solutions so you can optimize your capabilities and create the conditions for durable change. We configure our approach to match your needs but typically there are three main stages. These are described below:

#1 FREE no-strings consultation with Data Clan change specialists

Change is hard, but fear not! This session will show you that the light at the end of the tunnel is not necessarily a train coming the other way.

During this first free no-strings consultation with Data Clan’s change specialists, we will pinpoint your main priority project or challenge as a starting point. We will explore initial steps to mobilize and accelerate your change ambitions and unlock your capability and potential.

You will leave the session with immediately actionable insight to start building your longer-term scalable framework to embed continuous improvement.

There are a few things that set us apart from more traditional “consultancy” approaches.

First, we talk to you, no strings attached for free to understand your ambitions and challenges. This helps us understand how to unlock your potential and see where to prioritize capability-building. In this first session, we apply our real-world experience and lessons from similar sector engagements. We offer the latest thinking and change governance devices without the eye-watering corporate fees. We don’t just describe problems you already know you have. We move past the buzzwords and rhetoric into quick wins and effective strategic planning.

Using this approach, we have seen the fastest and biggest impact, setting the immediate challenge or fire at your feet within the wider cultural mindset of your organization. This deals with the elephant. Watch the video to see how.

1 hour (online/in-person) – FREE.

#2 Capability diagnostic (5 days)

Next, we engage with your team, putting to work our multi-vector change capability index and scoring, and gap analysis.

You will have total visibility as we build our rapid evaluation approach, including structured interviews with key stakeholders and a scored capability evaluation.

Predicated on the interdependencies of your people, tech, and processes, together we will pin down your change business case and priority action plan.

The model is comprised of nine core capabilities that are required to deliver organization-wide change, measured by six operating levels that set the effectiveness of each capability. These include:

  • Strategy & operating models
  • Governance of change
  • Policy management
  • Customer focus
  • Process improvement
  • People & culture
  • Communications
  • Measurement-led
  • Technology enablement

Successful and enduring major change initiatives typically require the nine capabilities to be at an operating level of three or above at early stages of the change journey.

5 days at discounted rate (virtual/on-site) – £3,750 plus VAT.

#3 Change programme roadmap

We are guessing that you are already familiar with all the latest techniques and theories – people first, customer-centric, data-driven etc. But like a lot of our clients, you may also recognize the frustration with your progress, adoption, and results. Despite all the tools, commitment, experience, and pockets of real innovation and success, the full potential and adoption of change may still seem somewhat out of reach.

Our diagnostic applies a capability scoring index that identifies opportunities and strengths across interdependent factors including people, process, data, and tech.

Needless to say, our techniques have been refined to build on what we’ve learnt from the Covid pandemic and anticipate future demand in what is and will continue to be a complex operating environment.

Co-designed with you and key leadership and operational teams, this 5-20 day change capability evaluation uses multi-vector index scoring, gap analysis, and a cross-service tactical and strategic priority action roadmap. We then provide board and leadership team playback with recommendations.

This phase builds and activates your bespoke change roadmap, focusing on priorities identified through the capability diagnostic. The map combines tactical quick wins and strategic alignment activity, your change business case, data literacy and architecture support, and rapid process re-engineering.

Each element includes cultural alignment devices e.g. cascades, information centres, performance marker reviews, leadership psychology and cohesion workshops.

Engagement days are typically agreed as flexible 20-day blocks configured according to your priorities, allowing for effective planning and continuity. A typical package is shown below but this can be adapted according to your needs.

Data Clan service offer predicated on a combined model comprising change campaign roadmap based on initial diagnostic and leadership mobilization feedback workshops:

Bespoke, discounted multi-specialist blended rate of £750 per day. Typical purchase of 20-day block (virtual/live) – £15,000 plus VAT.

Change is not easy. We know that.

Even with the best tech platform money can buy, poor data quality and literacy, the wrong people in the room or misaligned culture create a stalemate and slow your progress.

Data Clan can help you change that.

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Diagnostic capability evaluation

Diagnostic capability evaluation to empirically quantify operating and cultural conditions for accelerated change.

Public services research 

Two-year control trial (RCT) to identify impact factors in education and employment interventions and the effect of the built environment on mental health.

Predictive analytics 

Regression modelling to establish independent living risk profile and tenancy sustainability.