Origin story

Once upon a time, in a world where one day followed the next with near complete predictability, most highly valued was something that could not be bought, or even taught. Something that could only be assimilated over time and through immersion.​

That was the Age of Experience.

As society and industry developed and became ever more sophisticated, experience ruled. But with this complexity it became necessary to distil the essence of a situation in order to apply the most appropriate experience.​

That was the Age of Information.

But as the pace of change grew, experience of the past became less relevant, even when adequately informed of the situation. Solutions that were tried and tested now failed because they were dependent on a context that no longer existed. And as the context changed ever more quickly, the value of experience diminished, until the global pandemic changed everything.​

There was no experience. No one had been through this. Everything was new, and all that was left was the startling need to predict the future, not based on the past, but based on models, simulations and analytics. Abnormal was the new normal.​

Welcome to the Age of Data.​

Total perspective

Conceived by and comprising many of the panel of experts that came together to advise non-healthcare key service providers during the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic, the Data Clan is a multi-disciplinary collective of some of the finest minds and deepest thinkers, who talk straight and have a passion for getting things done.

One thought on “Origin story

  1. Dave Clute says:

    Dear Chris and entire Clan Cast – I love the Origin Story and your entire approach. If you are looking to expand the Clan into North America (which includes Mexico, by the way), I would welcome a conversation 🙂

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