Earlier this year, Data Clan and partners, including Peabody, WISH, Believe Housing and Greenacre, kicked off a pioneering piece of international research focused on gender. This exciting new research aims to create a bold empirical data model that quantifies the factors (including gender) that impact real-world business efficacy.

Focused on psychological profiles and gender behaviour traits, the research explores how leadership characteristics combine and interact with operational and environmental factors to create better or worse outcomes.

Three things make this research different:

  1. Looking squarely at the role of gender and identity, rather than simply sex;
  2. Distinguishing the causes from the effects, rather than reporting only correlations; and
  3. Considering success more widely than profit or share price, and looking at strategic objectives like talent acquisition and social value.

We are now excited to share with you our research green paper, which is now available to download:

Click image for download

If you like what you see and are ready to join us in bringing this important topic into the spotlight, it’s not too late to get involved with the next stages of research. Contact rob@dataclan.expert to find out more.