With the Building Safety Act receiving Royal Assent on 28th April, housing providers are one step closer to the new legislation coming into force. With this primary legislation in place, the Government is focused on the accompanying secondary legislation and the guidance that will add the detail of what, when, and how this important change will be implemented.

The Government and Dame Judith Hackitt have repeatedly urged the industry to take action, long before even the Building Safety Bill was drafted. However, many housing providers have found themselves struggling to find a place to start – that vital foothold from which change can be driven forward. Others have well-established programmes working through the things they believe will be required.

Readiness Assessment

To help these housing providers, whether they are nearing the end of their journey or still near the beginning, we have developed a readiness assessment tool. This tool allows you to take stock of the full scope of what is known about the Building Safety Act and identify your progress towards safer homes.

It is not a checklist, or a scorecard, or a benchmarking tool: it is a structure to pragmatically consider the maturity or stage of implementation of the requirements. The results of the assessment will be to identify areas of strength and areas where there is more work to do.

Our experienced team can also help you understand what actions might be required and how to prioritize these.

The latest information, structured to support implementation

The tool works by taking the latest published information about the Building Safety Act and distilling it into a series of topics. Each topic is cross-referenced to the published information (including the Act itself) so you can find out more.

Against each topic, the assessment considers where you are on the journey by identifying a simple set of stages that you might be at, starting with planning and stepping through to fully-embedded implementation. This set of stages will prompt you to think about the people, processes, data and technology aspects, as well as how you have or will achieve the desired behavioural changes.

The framework will be updated over time so that it keeps pace with the emerging secondary legislation and guidance.

How to access the tool

The Building Safety Readiness Assessment Tool is available in two forms:

Self-assessment – £995 + VAT

We will provide you with the list of topics relevant to the stakeholder roles you have selected, against which you can assess yourself. This process will allow you to see at individual topic level and at a summary level, areas where you have most to do and areas where you are already on track.

Independent assessment – from £4,995 + VAT

If you prefer, you can provide evidence (documentary or via workshops and interviews) to show where you are on each topic for our team to review. We will then provide our opinion of which areas are on track and where more focus may be required. We will also provide a debrief, answering any questions you may have about the assessment and exploring with you sensible prioritization.

To find out more or purchase the tool, please contact our Clan Quartermaster, Gemma Wardle: q@dataclan.expert.

For more information about the Building Safety Act, see our Building Safety Act resources page.