Data Management Maturity Assessment

Data Clan has been working with Acuity Data to develop the Data Management Maturity Assessment (DMMA).

This tool is designed to support organizations building sustainable data capabilities aligned with their corporate objectives. Our CEO, Chris Lees, explains:

“This is a revolutionary approach to improving data management, combining an accessible assessment tool with automated road-mapping and planning. Our clients are already saying how much time this tool saves them, taking them from understanding their current situation to preparing a programme to achieve their data management goals.”

The DMMA is available now. Click here for more information.

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Data management maturity assessment

The challenge

  • Do you have data and suspect that there’s an opportunity to do something more with it but you’re not sure what or how?
  • Are you being asked for investment to build a data team or platform but you’re not sure whether it will add value in the right area(s)?
  • Have you already invested in your data but you’re still struggling to get what you need or you’re wondering what’s next?

We can help you use your data to design the capability you need.

The solution

Our view is that before investing in data, organizations should take stock of their existing capabilities and identify gaps based on their specific business goals. This ensures that any investment is targeted towards desired outcomes.

Our Data Management Maturity Assessment (DMMA) is designed for this purpose. We start with your business outcomes and curate a questionnaire from our comprehensive bank to assess and understand the areas that you care about. Your responses are plugged in to our proprietary route-finder to give you the shortest route to the outcomes you seek.

The outcome

  • Drive improvement in the areas that matter most by focusing resources where you need them.
  • Leverage data extracted from industry best practice and community knowledge to design your data strategy.
  • Save on high consultancy costs through self-assessment.
  • Track benefits of your data capability over time.

The mechanics

The DMMA is a self-assessment tool designed to support organizations building sustainable data capabilities aligned with their corporate objectives.

It is comprised of over 400 questions covering 14 data knowledge domains, which are assessed in three core areas: organization; operations; and technology.

Users select their business outcome(s) and a corresponding questionnaire is produced by curating a series of questions across relevant data knowledge domains. The results are populated into our route-finder which will:

  • Create a road-map showing outcomes that need to be achieved and interdependencies between these that affect sequencing.
  • Suggest interventions based on a growing knowledge base of the impact of interventions on maturity.

The pricing

Enterprise client – from £5,000/annum

For those that would like to use the DMMA to assess their own environment, this option includes:

  • Single organization access to the DMMA platform
  • Unlimited self-assessments
  • Insights dashboard
  • Support and documentation
  • Training

Advisory partner – from £50,000/annum

For those who would like to assess the data landscapes of their own clients to support consulting services, this package includes all of the above plus:

  • Access to the DMMA platform for unlimited clients
  • Unlimited assessments on behalf of clients / organizations
  • Ability to create individual departments / organizational units
  • Re-branded instance

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