Data clan – for when things get complexicated…

In times of Covid-19, everyone wants to do the right thing…  

God knows that’s is hard enough under ‘normal circumstances’ and while we are pretty good at measured decision making in our own jobs and lives, the last few weeks, and for the foreseeable future, making sense of the moving parts is increasingly tricky.

There is no shortage of response and opinion, and new data, and other data and opinion

In what is the first high-stakes test of a real-time information in a social media 24 hour news world, just ‘carrying-on’ has been exposed as bewilderingly complexicated.

Everything is connected

Yeah thanks, We already knew that. A nurse goes to work, leaves her children with her parents, they are more vulnerable to CV, are children not? How come schools aren’t closed?  

And that’s before you even think about your job.

These interdependencies have become much more obvious and critical. Predictably, science, tactics, social, economic measures, dis-information, conjecture, geographical variance and most importantly behavior closely tracks Covid-19’s steepening transmission curve. Only time will confirm the advantages or impact of one combination relative to another.

It is inevitable that strategy and thinking is and will continue to emerge in specific service areas or professional fields. Our objective is to sign-post expert advice for those further forward with their data and mobilization, but also to identify where composite and cross-disciplinary information is available and operational instructive.

The growing group of volunteers who share this objective were separately receiving overwhelming volumes of questions about the information and messaging on C-virus about what the data really means. 

We figured…

…we don’t have all the answers – by a long way – but thought our combined and collaborative network might help explore, with your expertise and input, a platform to share questions and experiences and solutions outside specific disciplines or traditional commercial divisions to shape a collective response.

Volunteers are from all areas and can help triage individuals and organisations to specialist agencies quickly.

The aim is to create a space where questions and solutions – be they tactical or strategic – can be shared.

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